Thursday, 20 August 2015

When Could Someone Gift Gemstone As a Gift To Someone special?

Just as flowers are used to gift someone special to reflect our love, emotion, affection, friendship toward them. So do the gemstones, they have been used since ancient time by human being to gift their beloved one's in the form of rings, necklace, bracelets  to display 
their love and emotions. The presence of gemstones in the lives of human being has been felt since ancient times. Moreover, the significance of gemstone has been adored in the historical books and classical literature's as well.  They were not only used for their fascinating color characteristics, though they were used as a sign of good luck, wealth, good health and their healing powers.

However, the importance of the gemstones has not abated even in the present time. Still like the earliest times, people in today's time urge for affiliation, love, affection and good luck. Hence, they still find gemstones capable of fulfilling all their desires. In fact, nowadays due to stressful life people need these gemstones greatly. While gifting a gemstone we should know the meaning of each gemstone and also know under what circumstances we can gift gemstones to someone who holds a special place in our heart.

Gift Gemstone In the Form Of Birthstone: The best and ideal way to gift gemstones to someone in the form of their birthstone. Each month has a different birthstone, so you can plan to gift a gemstone to your beloved one accordingly. Since garnet is considered to be the birthstone of the month January, so if you know someone who is born in the month of January. Probably, you can gift that person garnet gemstone. Garnet stone signifies devotion, spirituality and happiness. Furthermore, it can be subscribed in the form of a ring, necklace, etc. Apart from this, there are other precious occasions as well; when the certified gemstones are considered an ideal gift to present. To know about that you can check the following occasions when gemstone can be gifted.
Certified Emerald Gemstone

 Ø There are several gemstones like ruby, emerald, yellow sapphire which can be gifted to someone on their wedding anniversary. It is stated that wearing these gemstones in the form of a ring, bracelet brings love and harmony in married relations.

 Ø A person can also present this stone to their loved one during their tough phase of life. Since gemstones are acknowledged to possess immense enchanting powers, which aids a person to overcome all such situations.

 Ø These gemstones can also be gifted to someone during the time of new born babies.

 Ø You can also gift someone a astrological gemstone, if that person is not having a good mental state and frequently losing his/her temper. In that kind of situation red coral gemstone which is being ruled by mars is considered to be the perfect choice to gift someone.
Natural Blue Sapphire

 Ø For financial problems, debts, infidelity a person should be presented blue sapphire gemstone. As this Saturn ruled gemstone ward-off evil split and malefic forces, hence it is considered to be the perfect gemstone. 
Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

 Ø You can gift yellow sapphire stone to those girls which are not facing difficulties or problem in getting married. By the reason of that in the Hindu scriptures and holy books; it has been mentioned that this gemstone aid in finding a right match for a girl. Even, you can gift this stone to a married woman for diffusing love and peace in her married life.

 So this is the list of some of the occasions when you could present these auspicious gemstones in the form of gift. However, before making any decision, do consult an astrologer and always describe the meaning of the stone to the person whom you are going to gift gemstone.