Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Wear Red Coral To Avoid Manglik Dosh

Red coral or Moonga gemstone is advised to be worn by those ascendant who are under Manglik Dasha. Manglik Dasha brings malicious result to ascendant such as he/she faces the problem in getting married or married couple faces problem which even some lead them to separation .It is a serious dosh which creates obstruction in the way of its native in tieing up the knots. To avoid this dosh one should wear this precious gemstone which is known to be the gemstone of planet mars. Moreover, it is being also said that wearing this gemstone pacify the Mangalik Dosh.  In order to do so one should know that how to wear the Red Coral or Moonga stone.

  Ø Red Coral or Moonga stone should be worn on Tuesday morning between 5 am to 6 am specifically during (Shukla-Paksha).

  Ø It should be worn with gold or copper ring ideally for best result. Moreover, the ring should be embedded in the stone in such a manner so that it touches the skin of its native to influence the life of its native in positive manner.

  Ø The ring should ideally be of 5 ratti or carat.

  Ø To earn the benefits of wearing mars blessed red coral stone, it is best to wear this stone in the right had index finger. Women can wear the ring in left hand index finger.

  Ø To purify the stone before adopting it, It should be dipped into the  Gangajal, honey or cow milk for 20 to 30 minutes to absorb all the negative energies from the stone.

  Ø While adopting this stone recite the following mantra.

  Ø “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om”.

  Ø After wearing this stone the wearer should offer the Gur and clothes to a brahmin.

  Ø A Natural Red Coral Gemstone remain active till four years from the day it was worn.And it commence showing its positive impact on the life of its native most probably after one month.

  Ø If you see any bad dreams or red coral stone changes its color, then it is appropriate to avoid wearing this stone. However, to refrain from facing all such issues consult an astrologer before wearing this stone.