Thursday, 13 August 2015

What is the Role of Mantras While Wearing Gemstone?

We know that each Gemstone possesses immense magical powers so its magical power may create an impact on the lives of its native either way. So that’s why a great care must be taken while wearing

a gemstone .There are 9 Planets which make a significant impact in our life in constructive or destructive ways according to their respective position in our horoscope. So here i am going to inform you about the wearing mantra of each stone and which circumstances they should be worn.

Certified Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire: - Yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone contemplates the planet Jupiter. Pukhraj is considered to be the birthstone of month April. It should be worn in the Index Finger of right hand on Thursday morning at dawn. Wearing this stone bequeats sound health, growth to its wearer.

         Mantra of Yellow Sapphire
  “Vrishabha Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Gruni Hasthaaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Guruh Prachodayath”

Natural Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire: - Blue Sapphire or neelam in Hindi is the gemstone of the fastest acting planet presence in the solar panel Saturn.  Neelam should be worn on Saturday morning during 6-7 am or 1-2pm in afternoon to get its benefits.

Mantra of Blue Sapphire
“Kaka Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Kadga Hasthaaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Mandha Prachodayath”

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Stone: - Emerald or panna in hindi is an auspicious gemstone. It basically represents planet mercury. Panna is the birthstone of the month may. So if you are born in the month of May so you may wear this precious gemstone. Moreover,This gemstone should be worn on Wednesday morning in the  last finger of hand.
Mantra of Emerald Stone
   “Maha Devaicha Vidhmahe, Vishnu Patnaicha Dheemahi”
“Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayath”

Natural Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Stone: - Pearl or moti in Hindi is the birthstone of the month June. Pearl contemplates the planet moon. Wearing this precious gemstone enhances your mental strength and brings happiness on your door. Pearl gemstone should be worn on Monday morning.

Mantra of Pearl Stone
“Padma Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Hema Roopaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Soma Prachodayath”

Precious Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Stone: - Ruby gemstone is stone of lord Sun it is the birthstone of January. Wearing this gemstone may bring good health, financial stability bring happiness in its native life. A ruby gemstone should be embedded in silver or gold ring and it should be worn on Sunday morning.

Mantra of Ruby Stone
“Om Hram Hreem Hraum Sah Suryaya Namah”
“Om Ghrani Suryaya Namah”.

Rahu Blessed Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite Stone: - Hessonite stone is gemstone for rahu planet. Wearing this stone keeps one away from malefic effects of rahu. This stone should be worn on Saturday morning.

Mantra of Hessonite Stone
“Naaga Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Padma Hasthaaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Rahu Prachodayath”

Red Coral for Mars

Red Coral: - Red coral represents the planet mass it is also called moonga in hindi. Moonga is the birthstone for (Scorpio or Aries).Wearing this stone brings courage, good health to its wearer. This stone could be worn on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday.
Mantra of Red Coral
“Veera Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Vigna Hastaaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Bhowma Prachodayath”

Cat's Eye Gemstone

Cat’s Eye: - Cat’s Eye is the gemstone of ketu planet. It is traditional birthstone June. Wearing cat’s eye or lehsunia stone enhances wisdom, intellect and also brings wealth to its native. Cat’s eye stone should be worn on Wednesday morning.

Mantra of Cat’s Eye

“Ashwa Dwajaaya Vidhmahe, Shoola Hasthaaya Dheemahi”
“Tanno Ketu Prachodayath”

    Note: You should recite this mantra 108 times before wearing astrological gemstone.