Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Official Meeting about Issues and Present Challenges Of Emerald Market

Form October 13 to 15 October 2015 Colombia is coordinating with all the emerald producing countries in Bogotá to address all the issues and present challenges which emerald market is experiencing nowadays. After this meeting there is plan to visit to the famous Muzo emerald mine.

Principally, the Invitation has been sent to all the major emerald producing countries like Zambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Madagascar. The main goal of the conference is to meticulously investigating all the 

elements of emerald market including geology, law and regulations, manufacturing, treatments, marketing and lab and certification, tractability, origin, study of overall market of Natural emerald gemstones from mines to market. And, providing suggestions to overcome all the prevalent issues.

To hold a relevant discussion the invitation has been sent to the delegates specifically including the members of the government and emerald industry invited. The main purpose behind this conference is to address issue effectively and in such a manner so that the outcome of the conference will be justifiable. The date of the conference will be announced shortly. The entire focus of this conference would be to enhance the sales of emerald gemstones, the safety issues of the labors working in the  mines, store value of emerald gemstones and developing a common language and uniform program for emerald market.

After the meeting on October 16 the delegates will pay a visit to the mines of the muzo to examine working conditions of the labors.

The official organizers of the conference are: the Ministry of Mines of Colombia; Agencias Nacional e Mineria ANM (National Mining Agency); Fedesmeraldas (the Colombian Emerald Federation); ACODES (the Emerald Exporters Association); APRECOL (the Colombian Emerald Miners Association); and ASOCOESMERAL (the Colombia Emerald Dealers Association).