Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Disadvantages of Wearing Old or Used Gemstone

OMG! If you are a gemstone lover or interested in buying a gemstone then the following news truly belongs to you. As, we know that gemstones are immensely powerful and they have got innumerable properties to make either positive or negative impact on the life of a living creature at largely. Due to its substantial powerful characteristics, every individual yearn to wear these gemstones sometimes in their life time to attain the excellent benefits being offered by these gemstones. However, there is a catch in the above statement, regardless of the above fact of wearing a gemstone cannot bestow you all the astonishing benefits of this gemstone. Unless, an individual wears an original or natural blue sapphire stone, he/she cannot be blessed with the astonishing features of neelam or blue sapphire stone. Unfortunately, in the market of gems there exist hinder of gemstone seller who sell fake or used gemstone to a laymen which instead of bringing any positive results, may disturb the entire life of an individual. So in today's post, we will discuss with you that what the disadvantages of wearing old or used gemstones are.

Disadvantages of wearing pre old gemstones: As earlier, it has been told that many gemstones seller try to sell a laymen already used or old gemstone which can do harm at all levels of an individual. As, it has been said about the gemstones that there magical power depletes after a certain period of time. Additionally, wearing the real gemstone after that period won’t be considered benevolent. Although, it can lead a person to experience series of dreadful events in his/her life, yet, in order to rescue yourself from being got trapped in this set up must read the following paragraph.

How to choose a Real Gemstone: While buying gemstones always consider the brand value of the gemstone seller who deals either online or offline to make a guess that how popular his/her brad is in market? Secondly, must go through the reviews of the gemstone seller company to find out what other customer has to say about the company. Moreover, each gemstone has a unique GIN (Gemstone Identification Number) do check that no. while making a purchase. An old gemstone will definitely lost its luster and shine; it will appear sluggish and pale which is a clear indication about something is wrong with the stone. Nonetheless, if even after donning this gemstone for some time, if it does not show either any positive or negative results then it could also be old gemstone. Nevertheless, even after trying all the above suggested measure if you are not satisfied in that case you can visit to gemstone expert who will test your gemstone and let you know about the authenticity of the gemstone