Thursday, 6 October 2016

Why One Needs Astrologer Permission Before Wearing A Jyotish Gemstone?

Needs Astrologer Permission Before Wearing A  Jyotish Gemstone

Gemstones are powerful divine entities. Wearing certain gemstones can bestow celestial forces in the life of individuals who wear it. However, it is not that easy to secure divine or celestial forces out of these precious stones. One need to adhere the wearing procedure and all the rules and rituals sincerely to enroll himself/herself to win positive results from these stones. People often question that why they always need astrological guidance before wearing Jyotish stones?

Why can’t they take initiative by themselves and wear these stones? And does wearing Jyotish gemstones without the approval of an astrologer cause them adversaries?

So, In this blog post, we would try to answer all these vital questions which are being commonly asked by the gem lovers.

First of all, coming to the primary question that why one need astrologer permission before wearing Jyotish or precious stones? So, the answer of this question is that Jyotish gemstones represent the enchanting powers of the nine planets on the earth. And each of these astrological planets has potential to affect the life of its wearer up to a great extent. Therefore, one need to be extra-careful before wearing natural jyotish stones.

Astrological Planets

All planets such as Sun, Saturn, Moon And Mars regulate and impact the live of its wearer greatly. These planets play important role in the horoscope or birth-chart of a human being. If these planets are placed in the negative houses of the birth-chart may invite significant trouble both physically and mentally for its wearer. To resolve the ill-effects generated by badly aligned planets in the birth-chart or horoscope one should wear these stones. 

However, one needs an  astrologer recommendation before wearing these stones because they can only tell or guide after referring your birth-chart that which gemstone will suit you and what is the correct way of wearing that stone. For instance, if you are having Saturn placed at negative houses, then you must wear natural blue sapphire gemstone to overcome the dreadful effects of Saturn. Similarly, if sun is misplaced in your birth chart, so you should wear red color ruby stone to avert the bad affects of the Sun.

Therefore, it is always advised to have a word with astrologer before wearing any stone because these gemstones are immensely powerful. And wearing them without proper knowledge can instead of bringing favorable consequences may introduce negative consequences in your life.