Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Effective Use of Gemstone in Astrology

Gemstones need no introduction as far as their beauty as well as astrological value is concerned as they have been used for centuries to rectify astrological problems for the natives. There is hardly a gemologist or an astrologer who will not vouch for the mystical powers of these valuable pieces which make their way right out of the womb of the earth.When we talk about gemstones are considered effective astrologically, these need to be natural as man-made gemstones have no benefit in this regard. 

History of use of gemstones as effective remedial tools in astrology

Gemstones have been discovered in the pre historic period and have been a part of world history since then, finding a place of reverence in mythology as well as treasure chests of ancient rulers. They were adorned by the nobility and presented by them as rewards to people who performed great feats in wars and fine arts. Gradually, as centuries took turn, they became affordable for common people and today, have acquired worldwide popularity for aesthetics as well as astrological purposes. With the passage of time, people around the world have learnt more and more about the effectiveness of these gemstones in astrology. 

The first mention of the healing powers of gemstones is perhaps in the great Vedic astrology text called Hora Sara, which has been penned down by the renowned Indian astrologer, Varahamihira. Gradually, western astrologers too started professing about the magical healing properties of these powerful pieces. However, years later, it came to light that the effectiveness of gemstones is not mere superstition, but has scientific backing too. 

Gemstones are actually chemicals formed by natural processes and each one has its own chemical properties. Additionally, they are sources of color energies, which give them healing influences by balancing the frequencies of colors rays in the human body. As a result, they prove to be effective for the wearers in curbing both, physiological as well as psychological diseases.

Studying effectiveness of gemstones in reference to science and astrology

As proved before, the effectiveness of gemstones as astrological tools have scientific support too. The fact had been proved by experiments done by astrologers on natives who were made to wear these astrological gemstones and experience their positive benefits, long before science and color therapy had come into play. 

Later, the discovery of color science brought about tangible evidence in support of the same. It stated that the effect of gems is attributed to the energy vibrations created by them, which absorb or reflect a particular color frequency in human body to create a balance. 

Another aspect of effectiveness of gemstones in astrology is that they create a harmony between the three kinds of doshas in Ayurvedic system of medicine, namely vata, pitta and kapha. A person whose three doshas are in complete harmony remains in a state of good health.

In this way, it would be right to say that the effectiveness of gemstones in astrology is not a myth but there is scientific truth in it, which has been verified time and again.