Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Amethyst - Birthstone of February Month

Amethyst stone is considered to be the birthstone for the month of February. Thus, the ascendants who are born in the month of February should wear this auspicious gemstone in order to prevail advantages being offered by the amethyst stone.

 So if you or anyone in your family is born in the month of February, ask them to wear amethyst stone. The benefit of wearing this stone includes wisdom, wit, nobility, royalty and positive thinking. Let's us first discuss the meaning of amethyst.

What Is the Meaning Of Amethyst Stone: This question might pop in the mind of a person, probably when astrologer suggests wearing Amethyst stone in the form of February birthstone. Amethyst is the stone supposed to relate with the ancient Greek and Romans. It is being said that in the ancient times, they used to adopt this gemstone to ward-off against serious health diseases as well as to filter out the intoxicating energies from their system. By far, there are many myths, cultures and religious has been associated with this magnificent gemstone. At the time of middle ages, it was worn to symbolize Nobility. Due to its astounding astrological benefits, the amethyst stone is regarded as benevolent gemstone.

Color Characteristics of Amethyst Stone: The amethyst stone is beautiful purple color stone, a beautiful mixture of red and violet that can be found in every corner of the earth.

Amethyst -
Best Source of Amethyst Stone: The amethyst stone can be found everywhere in the world. However, the best quality stones are found in Russia and predominantly used in European jewelry. While in nowadays, Brazil is acknowledged to be the best source of amethyst stone to be extracted. Except this, this stone is found covering large aspect of the world most probably everywhere, especially in Zambia.

Benefits of wearing Amethyst Stone: The stone display all negativities within the body which rooted deep inside your body. Also, it kills the body odor with its substantial energies. The stone with its energies will help those people who are suffering from sleep related diseases. This stone also enhances or boost up the blood circulation of a person. The stone also infuse happiness and fun in the life of its wearer. Wearing this amazing stone will get rid-off from frequent depression and mood changes.