Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Miraculous Healing Benefits of Diamond

Influence of Planet Venus on Health

Venus or Shukra is a powerful astrological planet, which signifies beauty, good health, happy marital relations, love, attraction towards opposite sex, luxuries, artistic flair and pleasurable pursuits. However, in case this planet becomes malefic for the native, it can result in problems like immoral life, disturbed marriage, illicit relations and sex related diseases.

The physical parts affected by ill placed Venus include ovaries, breasts, kidneys and throat. Wearing a diamond ring or pendant can help the native overcome the evil results of the malefic placement of planet Venus or Shukra in his horoscope. 

A good quality diamond gemstone can be used to treat various health problems, which could surface on account of inauspicious effects of this planet. 

How Diamond Brings Good Health

The potent and precious gemstone diamond has a series of health benefits, making it an amazing combination of beauty and medicinal value. It is related with the Crown Chakra and heals mental and emotional stress, generating a flow of positive energy in the physical body and ensuring overall health and well being. 

This exceptional gemstone detoxifies and energizes the whole system. Diamonds are considered as great healers, helping the native combat sexual disease, build his stamina and as a consequence, improve his marital life.

The diseases which can be treated by wearing a healing diamond stone include venereal diseases, eye problems, ovary disease, sexual weakness, menstrual problems, abortions and digestive problems. Additionally, a pure diamond stone ring will add luster on the face of the wearer, making it particularly valuable for females. 

An unblemished diamond can enhance both, peace of mind as well as self confidence in an individual. It acts as a simulator of creativity and imparts clarity of mind, making the wearer intellectually stronger. 

It is of utmost importance to wear a good quality, flawless diamond and also be sure that it is compatible according to your horoscope, before you wear one for astrological purpose. You can buy a certified diamond online from for excellent astrological results.


Diamonds have been the most fascinating gemstones for mankind and every woman desires to own some. From health point of view, this brilliant gemstone is equally valuable. It is helpful in combating diseases caused by ill placed Venus, which includes sexual diseases, diseases of kidneys, throat and digestive system. Additionally, it boosts self confidence and peace of mind, making the wearer physically and mentally fit.

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