Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 Gems That Will Make You Feel Like a Peasant

Stunning, sparkling and enticing. Gemstones are known for reasons more than these. They are the possessors of beauty that is sublime and mystical properties that can change the lives of the wearers. If you are someone who wishes to know about nine such gems that are appreciated world over for their gorgeous appeal and unique properties, then keep reading. But here is a little warning: you might feel like a peasant after reading about these alluring gems. Let’s just go ahead and find why are these gems so irresistible to the mankind. 


A relatively rare form of quartz, amethyst gemstone is pretty durable and are known for their stunning purple hue which may come from the trace amounts of iron or manganese. Often considered as a symbol of royalty, these gemstones with their lilac, lavender, and purple tones are loved by many gem enthusiasts at present.


Think of the exotic ocean water, and you think of the beautiful aquamarine gemstone that resembles the color of the ocean with their greenish-blue to pale blue tones. Some of the most valued aquamarine stones have a rich, sky blue tone. In fact, many such gems carry a green or bluish green tint, which makes them look absolutely striking.


Diamonds are said to be forever. And they surely are. With their durability and strength, they can stand the test of time with utmost elan. When it comes to the beauty of these gemstones, they often seem to be unrivaled. Perhaps, this is the reason why many women across the world embrace these sparkling gemstones in their wedding and engagement rings.


With their gorgeous green color, emerald gemstone make some of the most attractive gemstones in the history of the world. A variety of the mineral beryl, emeralds get their green color because of the trace amounts of chromium and at times vanadium as well. These precious gemstone come at a great price if their color is deep green. However, if the color is paler, then the emerald may demand a lesser value than otherwise.


Thanks to their enigmatic appeal, jade gemstones are renowned across the world as some of the must-have gemstones. With their powerful connection to the heart chakra, these gems are widely used for healing purposes. The vibrant green colors of this stone represent growth and energy, which makes them a perfect gift for those who seek wealth and good health.


With their incredible display of colors and charming patterns, opals make some of the most alluring gemstones ever. Formed because of the deposition of silica dissolved in water over many centuries, these gemstones are truly unique. These gems are also found in various colors: white, red, green, blue, pink, rose, brown, olive, black and yellow – with the rarest of them being the black opals.


Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum, just like the yellow sapphire gemstone. Known for their deep red colors, Ruby gemstone is the most exquisite gemstones to have in one’s collection. Often prized extremely high, these gems are durable and absolutely stunning. The most valuable rubies are said to be the ones that have the “pigeon blood” hue. 


Sapphires are mesmerizing to the core. With their remarkable colors, hardness, durability, and luster, they are a preferred choice of gem lovers. While you can find a wide range of sapphires in different colors, the most captivating ones are the blue sapphire. The most valuable sapphire is said to be the cornflower blue color sapphire which is also called the Kashmir Sapphire.


A silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine, a topaz gemstone is another such gemstone that is available in a variety of colors. From red to golden brown, pale gray, pale green, yellow, and even pink, there are several colors that one can have a topaz in. But, it is the white topaz that catches the attention of most of the gem aficionados across the globe.