Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What Jewelry You Should Wear For Specific Occasions

“Am I wearing too much of jewelry for this occasion?” Women often find themselves surrounded by questions like these. Arriving at the right type of jewelry is a point of deliberation for many. However, it isn’t difficult to rock a particular piece of jewelry for a particular occasion and look no less than a diva. All that’s needed is a bit of understanding of what goes well with what occasion. 

Different types of jewelry pieces can glam up your different looks in an instant. When you accessorize right, you are sure to catch the attention as well as praises of others. As a matter of fact, the right pendant, necklace, ring or earrings can make your overall persona all the more powerful than before. 

Here are a few tips that can help you figure out which type of jewelry you should wear on different occasions.

Dinner Parties/Get-Togethers

If you are going on a special, romantic date night with your beau, then wear an exquisite blue sapphire bracelet or necklace with a classy gown. For those who want to go low on the bling part, wearing a simple ruby gemstone pendant with a matching set of earrings can definitely help in creating a ravishing appearance.

But, if you are just heading towards a casual get-together with friends or families, then avoid precious gemstones and go for simple options. A white gold chain with simple silver studs can make you look chic and proper for the gathering.

Casual Work Days

Going to work every day shouldn’t be a monotonous activity. Give your regular work look a style boost with the help of simple, delicate pieces of jewelry. Remember that wearing gaudy or big pieces of jewelry to work is not only inappropriate but might also make you look flashy. Nobody wants to be the center of attraction for wrong reasons, more so because of distracting jewelry. 

Thus, to create a fashionable yet sophisticated look at your workplace, switch to power dressing. Team up your attire with lovely heels and complete your elegant look with a pair of diamond or gemstone earrings. A string of pearls can also make you look truly gorgeous without going overboard.


Who says you can’t wear jewelry on vacations? It is the time to let your hair down and have some fun. So, while you plan for the right type of dresses that suit your vacation destination, don’t forget to pick up the right type of jewelry that will go well with it. If you are going to a beach, then wearing trendy and colorful jewelry can be a great choice. 

Just make sure to choose semi-precious gemstones or cheap jewelry pieces as you wouldn’t want your favorite precious gemstone jewelry to be lost during your vacation. Also, don’t forget to pack a stunning pair of diamond earrings for that special date night at a luxury dining restaurant. 

Kids’ Functions or Events

Once you become a mother or an aunt, the chances are high that you will have to attend several kids functions or events. Wearing expensive jewelry to such events is a big no. You might end up losing that fancy earring or bracelet. Therefore, it is better to stick to minimalistic jewel pieces. Sterling silver jewelry can be your best bet to dress up fantastically during these events.

Job Interview

One of the most difficult occasions to pick the right type of jewelry is during a job interview. In fact, many women just skip wearing jewelry to a job interview for they don’t want to come across as overly-dressed. However, that shouldn’t be the case. 
Wearing a piece of delicate and beautiful chain and gemstone pendant can portray your fashion and jewelry sense well. Avoid wearing huge hoop earrings or several pieces of jewelry together. Layering might be in vogue, but don’t try it when you are going to give a job interview. Wear simple jewelry and don’t fidget with it if you get nervous.

Anniversary/Birthday Celebrations

Dining out on a special day could give you some time to unwind and enjoy special moments with your loved ones. The key to adorning the right type of jewelry here is not to overdo it. Your focus should be to celebrate the special day. Stick to a minimalistic style and go for a sleek diamond bracelet and a pair of emerald gemstone earrings to look graceful yet modish. 

Wedding Functions

Wedding functions provide the perfect opportunity to flaunt that newly purchased necklace or bangles. These are the events where you can layer different pieces of jewelry and let the world see your sparkle. But again, don’t go overboard and opt for jewelry that complements your attire. If you are wearing a dress, then you can pair it with a sapphire ring and matching set of earrings. Likewise, a lehenga or saree can go well with ruby, emerald or diamond jewelry.