Friday, 13 October 2017

October Birthstones- Opal and Tourmaline

People born in October enjoy a special birthday month as the autumn makes a path for winters. The perfect weather and holiday season ensures that your birth month is very relaxing and joyous. October babies are known to be very cheerful and optimistic in general. The same applies to the October birthstones as well. Opal and Tourmaline, the two October stones, are popular for their vibrant colors and soothing characteristics.Opal and Tourmaline both are semi precious gemstones.

If you are looking for a present for an October baby, or just want to pamper yourself on your birthday, getting an opal or tourmaline can be a great idea. Not only are these believed to bring good health and tranquility to the wearer, the shimmering gems make a wonderful accessory as well.

What are Birthstones?

Every gem is supposed to have different composition, luster and even impact on people wearing them. There are different gemstones associated with various months of the year. It is said that these stones have a therapeutic influence on people and often bring good luck, health, and mental well-being. Wearing a birthstone, during the respective month especially is considered to make you happier and peaceful.


Birthstones for October

This month has two birthstones – Opal and Tourmaline.
While both of these differ in their design and composition, these stones are equally alluring due to their shiny and vibrant colors. Now let us talk about these gems individually:



This October birthstone symbolizes purity and brings innocence, hope, and faith to the person wearing it. The structure of Opal gemstone is unique with 3-21 percent water in its composition, which gives it a “play of color” aspect, making it a fantastic accessory as a ring or pendant. The stone changes color in different environmental conditions and is believed to indicate the wearer’s physical and mental health. It is also said to have healing properties, effective in curing eye infections, strengthening memory and enhancing the creativity of the one who wears the stone.

Opals can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from flaming red and yellows to various hues of pink, magenta, white and black. The wide range of colors makes them a great choice for those who love colorful semi-precious gemstones and, wish to add as many of them as they could, in their gemstones collections. 

How to take care of an Opal stone?

Due to the high water content, opals are one of the most delicate gems. These are prone to damage due to mild scratching, and can easily crack or craze when exposed to high temperature, dehydration or direct light for a long span of time. This is why it is advised to take extra caution while wearing an alluring Opal. People prefer to wear these in pendants as it allows less direct contact as compared to a ring.


Known as the “Peace Stone”, this gemstone is believed to help its wearer take control over their anger and fear. Like the Opal stone, Tourmaline also supposedly brings tranquility and peace and enhances the creativity of the person who wears it. The name “Tourmaline” roughly translates to “the stone of mixed colors”, due to its structure showcasing various hues of the rainbow colors. 

The stone develops these colors as per the composition of various minerals. Each gem has a unique color pattern owing to the complex ways in which these minerals combine. Another interesting characteristic of Tourmaline is its ability to turn magnetic when heavy heat or pressure is applied.

How to take care of a Tourmaline gemstone?

Unlike Opal, Tourmaline is not very delicate and can withstand comparatively harsh exposure to heat, water or pressure. However, such exposure should be avoided at all costs to avoid damaging gemstones. When it comes to cleaning tourmaline, mild soapy water can do the work.