Thursday, 5 October 2017

Diwali- The Festival Of Lights And Gifts

Diwali is one of the India's biggest festival, we celebrate it every year with a great enthusiasm and love. Diwali is celebrated in the month of October to November by Hindus, Sikh throughout the world. The Diwali Is the concept of "Victory Of Good Over Evil."

Lakshmi has also figured into the celebration. On this auspicious occasion, it is believed that worshipped of Goddess Lakshmi brings wealth, Prosperity, Peace to the devotee. People celebrate this festival with great desire. They give precious gifts to each other on this day. Gift giving is a ritual on Diwali, people buy gifts for their families and friends. So here are some gift guide for you on Diwali.


I think jewelry is the best way to express your love and happiness to your friends and families. Everywhere in the world, Women love to wear jewelry, whether it is a necklace, bangles, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Every woman gets in traditional dress, thus a Blue sapphire gemstone jewelry adds a sparkling touch to her look. You can buy jewelry for men as well, there is a lot of items are available for men’s jewelry like, rings, cuff links and men's watches etc.


It is quite common to spot people presenting the same types of gift or presents every year on Diwali. Now, it is the time for all of you to halt this practice and figure out something new and out of the box.

Gifting gemstones are a great idea for this Diwali which will bring love, prosperity, happiness in your life. You can buy pearl gemstone for as a gift, because the pearl is the only stone that everyone love to wear and it is the best choice to present your friends and families either  you can buy pearl jewelry also.

Statues Of Gods And Goddesses:

This Diwali pleasantly surprises your near and dear ones by presenting a statue of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganehsa.

You can also present your friends with religious motifs such as  Shree, Swastika Om, etc. as a good luck charm.

Before Diwali Follow These Steps To Get The Blessings Of Mother Lakshmi

Everybody on Diwali worshiped Lord Lakshmi for her blessings. There are some steps taken before worshiping Mother Lakshmi on this day.
  • To make Mother Lakshmi happy on this day, there should be some astrological measures along with mantras.

  • Before and after Diwali, Chant Lakshmi Sukta on every Friday as it is believed that mother Lakshmi is happy with it.

  • Before Diwali, offer water to the peepal tree (Ficus religiosa or sacred fig) daily. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides on this and by which mother Lakshmi is happy with it.

  • Every morning before Diwali, the women of the house pour water from the Kalash on the main door.