Thursday, 5 November 2015

5 Steps To Check Ruby Gemstone

Have you recently purchased a ruby stone or manik stone and worried about that whether it is real ruby gemstone or synthetic ruby gemstone? It is common to get tense since, we know that ruby is an extremely

 expensive gemstone to afford and it costs a person pretty a penny to purchase this gemstone. Thus, it is essential to investigate properly from your end before making a decision to buy this ruby precious gemstone. Nevertheless, if you are not aware about how to distinguish between real ruby or synthetic ruby ; so  in that case  go through the below given instructions which will help you in buying a natural ruby gemstone.

Identify the color of Ruby Stone. Ruby stones are of intense red color. Hence, before buying this stone pay extra attention on color characteristics of this stone.  While introspecting  the color of the ruby stone, if you spot color of the ruby stone dull, light red or pink in color; then ignore  those kind of  stone since it must be fake ruby stone. Additionally, if the ruby stone is profoundly dark though it should be avoided because it may be garnet.

  1.    Check the cut of the stone; a real ruby gemstone could have symmetrical facets from all the sides of stones. Moreover, the facets of the natural ruby stone will be soft and smoother; on the other hand a synthetic ruby stone will have daffy facets which are easily recognized. And, the shape of this stone should not be perfectly rounded or square.

   2.    Check the stone closely, if you come across any bubbles or gas streak then it is clear indication of a fake ruby gemstone. Moreover, if you spot a ruby gemstone without any tiny flaws; so it is clear indication that the stone is fake. It is extremely difficult to find an original ruby gemstone without even a single inclusion. Therefore, a small or few inclusions in the natural ruby gemstone is acceptable.
   3.    Don't fall in prey of jewelers who sells ruby gemstone with fancy names as such "cultured ruby gemstone" "pure ruby gemstone". As these could be fake ruby stones.

   4.    To spot the high quality ruby gemstone compare it with the piece of glass. If in case it seems extensively difficult to distinguish between a glass and ruby. Then it is a fake ruby stone.

   5.    To know whether the ruby gemstone is real try to scrub the ruby stone with hard materials. If you spot any scratches on the manik or ruby gemstone; then it is a fake or synthetic ruby stone. Since, ruby is hard metal; on the hardness scale it occupies second position just after the diamond. Thus, it is almost impossible to find a scratch mark on the certified ruby gemstone.