Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring The Best Companion Of Girls

Wedding rings or engagement rings means a lot in a couple lives. Specially, if you are a girl then it means a lot for you since the occasion of wedding is acknowledged being one of the best moments in the life of a girl.  And, girls put best of their efforts to appear exceptional and magnificent on this special day. From their wedding dress to

jewelry from head to toe to make up they want look picture perfect on their d day. And, wedding rings or engagement rings always top the chart on their jewelry list. In recent times, the trend of wearing colored gemstone as engagement ring or wedding jewelry has increased widely in short span of time. The popularity of colored gemstone can be estimated from the fact that prince Williams gifted Kate Middleton an exceptional looking blue sapphire engagement ring. Apart from this, the famous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai has also worn blue sapphire ring. The blue sapphire stone signifies love and harmony in a marital relation thus it is one of the best colored gemstone which is suited best in the form of engagement ring.

The meaning of blue sapphire: The blue sapphire stone is also called "Neelam Ratna" in Hindi. It is appreciated being one of the fastest acting certified gemstone which if situates at positive houses in the birth chart of an individual will stimulate positive forces in the life of a human. According to astrologers if Saturn situates in positive houses then a person should wear this gemstone to ensure happiness, love, wealth, prosperity and luck in his/her life. It is praised majorly for its ability to invoke love and passion the life of its wearer under its existence at certain houses in the horoscope. Therefore, this stone can be gifted in the form of engagement or wedding ring after seeking advice from an astrologer.

Design of blue sapphire ring: A blue sapphire ring is a magnificent and stupendous looking ring that instinctively draws each pair of eyes toward it. The jaw dropping beauty and appealing luster of the stone make it the first choice of people particularly women. The natural blue sapphire ring can be designed in different shapes and cut such as oval shape, cushion shape, rectangular shape and opal shape. The oval shape is considered being the most popular and most famous type of blue sapphire ring. However, these are not only the designs in which a blue sapphire ring can be designed however a person can design this ring as per its own wish and suggestion.

The price of Blue Sapphire Engagement rings: The price is the main criteria that draw the attention of every one instinctively. However, it is true that an original blue sapphire stone is very hard to obtain, yet, due to the emergence of new technologies and techniques people can afford this distinguish gemstone ring in affordable prices.  Know more about the price of blue sapphire.