Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Top 10 Benefits of Wearing White Sapphire

What do you think of when you hear the word Sapphire? Is it the royal Blue Sapphire that strikes your mind or the auspicious Yellow Sapphire? Well, the sparkling sapphires have many stunning varieties that go beyond the much talked about blue and yellow sapphires.

A truly gorgeous variety of sapphires is the White Sapphire which is also known as the Safed Pukhraj stone. An amazing, as well as an inexpensive substitute to the beautiful and high prized diamond, a white sapphire stone is durable, long-lasting and truly appealing in its transparent structure.

Apart from the looks that white sapphire carries, the benefits that it offers make it a must-have gem for the gem lovers.
Let’s take a look at top 10 benefits of wearing the white sapphire gemstone:


White Sapphire strengthens the powers of the planet Venus

By strengthening the Venus in the horoscope of the wearer, the White Sapphire gem boosts beauty, improves creativity and brings immense love and wealth to the life of the wearer.


It improves the love life of the wearer

One of the most amazing benefits that the White Sapphire stone offers is that it improves the love life and relationships of the wearer by bringing in more passion, loyalty, and empathy in relations.


It keeps the wearer healthy

Wearing a white sapphire can help in keeping diseases and infections away from the wearer. For those who want to get rid of their health ailments, this stone is a blessing.


White Sapphire in pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy, wearing a white sapphire by a pregnant woman is believed to be a good act as it can help in ensuring that the expecting mother delivers a good and healthy baby without any difficulty.


Wards off negativity

Another excellent benefit of a white sapphire is that it removes all negative feelings and vibrations and brings positivity and good luck.


Good for fame and prosperity

White sapphire is also said to bring prosperity, fame and good social standing in the life of the wearer.


The white sapphire stone helps in healing

A white sapphire is believed to strengthen blood vessels, improve the functioning of nervous system and in regulating thyroid as well.


Astrological benefits

As per astrology, this gem is highly recommended for those who are born in April or September and those who have Taurus, Aries, Cancer or Libra as their Zodiac Sign.


It is great for the mind too

One major benefit of wearing a white sapphire is that it brings wisdom and strength and is also believed to provide clarity of thoughts and objectivity.


Career-related benefits

White Sapphire is beneficial for those who wish to improve their artistic abilities like people engaged in professions like art, acting, etc. It is also good for those who trade white and/or silver products.